Breed Smart Benefits

A proud family of breeders.

Whether breeding is a hobby or full-time pursuit, we're driven by a love for dogs, a passion for bettering each breed and the desire to share these extraordinary animals with the world.

That's why the EUKANUBA BREED SMART Breeder Rewards Program helps you breed your best and feed your best—with premium nutrition, insightful content, free puppy starter kits and exclusive deals.

Here's what being a BREED SMART breeder means to you.

Free Puppy Kits

To ensure your puppies and their new parents get the best start, BREED SMART breeders get 25 free puppy kits each year.

Puppy Kits Include:

  • Valuable coupons from EUKANUBA and retailer partners
  • A folder for storing information and medical paperwork
  • A health and vaccination chart
  • A notes section for breeder feeding instructions
  • Tips for bringing a new puppy home

Two Ways to Earn Free Dog Food


Save your UPCs

1 lb. of EUKANUBA = 1 PawPoint


Sign customers up for the EUKANUBA PLUS program via puppy kits

You get 25 PawPoints; they get expert advice on puppy parenting and special offers on EUKANUBA puppy food

64 PawPoints =
a free bag of EUKANUBA


Special Offers and Articles

Take advantage of the best deals on dog food and keep up with the industry. Each month, the BREED SMART newsletter provides the support you need to breed your best with special offers from EUKANUBA partners, helpful articles and a list of upcoming events.

Ready to become a BREED SMART Breeder?